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About Us

Who We Are…

Established in 1999, Zayani Leasing, a subsidiary of Zayani Investments has transformed itself into one of the largest professional leasing companies on the island. With competitive rates, attractive packages and an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers, Zayani leasing has emerged a market leader over the years.

Zayani Leasing stands for Variety, Value and Safety and is associated with the highest quality of services offered at competitive prices. All the vehicles offered by us are dealer maintained with the aim of providing the customer with upmost confidence on leasing a vehicle.


Vehicle Selection

Whether you are opting for an existing company car scheme or operating a small or large company or require just one vehicle, Zayani Leasing will provide you with the best deal that’s out there on your chosen vehicle.

Tailored Solutions

We custom make solutions that are based on individual needs, the vehicle type, purpose, operating conditions, mileage and contract period.


As we are a part of Al Zayani Investments (AZI), all our vehicles are dealer maintained providing our customers with utmost comfort and satisfaction on every service. This in turn allows us to ensure that our customer drives a vehicle that is maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendation with a full service/repair history available.

Proactive Vehicle Management

Maximum operating availability is ensured through Zayani Leasing’s proactive vehicle management which includes all legally required checks, preventive repairs and maintenance, warranties and as per Manufacturer recommendation. Our special cost control system keeps your costs low at an agreed fixed monthly rate.

Vehicle availability as required

At Zayani Leasing we ensure that our customers will never have to go without a vehicle; there will always be one available not only as a replacement but also to cope with downtimes caused by accidents, delivery times and peak seasonal demand periods.

Accident/ Insurance Management

We are associated with the leading international Insurance on the island ensuring you a quick and smooth administration process especially in the case of an accident and all the accident repairs are carried out at the dealer body shop only.

Fleet management

We manage your fleet for you reducing the complex administration to a single book keeping entry allowing you to focus on your “main” business.

Other Special Features

  •   24 Hour Emergency Helpline
  •   Saudi Arabia "No Objection" Letter on request *
  •   "Option to Own" facility
  •   Can include specialist truck bodies
  •   All vehicles – cars, pickups, vans, trucks, forklifts
  •   Accident management on production of Traffic Report
  •   ZL follows full recommended service schedules using only genuine parts, and does not compromise safety
  •   Utilize services rather than buying assets
  •   Make costs predictable over the entire operating period
  •   Reduce administrative costs
  •   Zayani Leasing relieves you of almost every technical and economic risk, with made-to-measure solutions for efficient fleet management

For any leasing related queries, please feel free to reach us anytime.

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